Addressable TV

The best of both worlds!

Addressable TV enables digital advertising delivery with advertising effectiveness and targeting techniques in traditional high-reach linear TV programs based on HbbTV. Hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) is a European standard that regulates the connection of TV and Internet services in TV receivers with Internet connections. The central feature is activation via the red color button on the TV remote control.

Innovative options for the creative design of your advertising message and a wide range of targeting options allow you to benefit from this advertising opportunity outside the standard TV advertising blocks. In addition, Addressable TV can also be used to supplement or extend your own TV spot.

Why book Addressable TV?

  • Targeted media control through frequency capping and a wide range of targeting options
  • Brand experience for viewers through interactivity
  • Exclusive placement in tidy environment
  • High attention due to insertion directly after switching process
  • Individual performance evaluation




The Switch In XXL is played out during the current TV program after the switch-on or switch-over process. The advertising medium is placed in an L-shape around the scaled TV image and is displayed for 10 seconds. This guarantees 100% visibility in the program. The Switch in XXL is available on all our TV channels.