Audience Targeting

In our audience offering, we distinguish between prepackaged audiences and custom audiences.

The prepackaged audiences have been specially compiled by our data team and offer a variety of interest and demographic attributes so that you can always reach your desired target group efficiently.

If you can't find a suitable prepackaged audience, please contact our sales team so we can work together on a custom audience solution.

Car LoversMedical Health EnthusiastsTravel Lovers
Business & Finance EnthusiastsPersonal Finance EnthusiastsFemale
Career EnthusiastsPolitics EnthusiastsMale
Education EnthusiastsReal Estate LoversAge 18+
Entertainment LoversScience LoversAge 18-24
Family LoversShopping LoversAge 25-34
Food & Drink LoversSports FansAge 35-44
Healthy Living EnthusiastsStyle & Fashion LoversAge 45-54
Home & Garden LoversSustainability LoversAge 55-64
Lifestyle LoversTechnology & Digitalisation LoversAge 65+

Weitere Targeting-Möglichkeiten