High reach thanks to attractive Swiss platforms

Display advertising supports your campaign goals with highly visible advertising on thematically relevant, high-performing websites. But display advertising is not just display advertising: Only by targeting customers in the right environment and with the right advertising format will your brand communication be optimally supported.

As the Swiss network with the widest reach for advertising on mobile sites and apps, we offer you a variety of advertising formats at attractive prices.

Goldbach is Digital Ad Trust certified

The Goldbach Display Network is certified by Digital Ad Trust, which stands as a guarantee for high-quality advertising inventory. The most important requirements here:

  • Average viewable rate of at least 55% on the Wideboard, Halfpage Ad and Medium Rectangle.
  • Legal Safety (Brand Safety) Rate and Invalid Traffic (Ad Fraud) Rate are below 2%.
  • Websites may have a maximum of 30 percent of available pixels covered with advertising.
  • Transparency regarding automatic reload, which starts after 30 seconds at the earliest and requires lazy loading.
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