Weather targeting: your advertising in suitable weather

Thanks to our weather targeting, you can adapt your advertising message to the current weather conditions. Weather data can provide valuable insights into user behavior and significantly increase the relevance of marketing messages. If it's pouring with rain, a cinema or streaming ad seems much more attractive than when it's sunny.

We offer the following weather conditions and temperatures to reach users in the right frame of mind.


  • hot (> 25°C)
  • warm (20-25°C)
  • mild (15-20°C)
  • cold (5-15°C)
  • wintry (< 5°C)


  • Sun
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Thunderstorm
  • Cloudy

Availability Mobile Web/Desktop : all Goldbach Publishing websites
Availability Mobile In-App: Newsnet and 20 Minuten

Weitere Targeting-Möglichkeiten