Archithema Verlag AG - Special editions

With Das Ideale Heim, Atrium, Umbauen + Renovieren and the online magazine "meter", Archithema Verlag is one of the leading Swiss publishers in the field of architecture, living and construction publications.

With its annual special editions on bathrooms, family homes, garden, kitchens and Smart Home & Living, Archithema Verlag meets a great need among builders and architects for comprehensive information in diverse areas.


The annual bathroom special meets a great need among builders and architects for comprehensive information in the bathroom sector. What should be considered during planning? What new products are there? Which accessories are in vogue? The bathroom special provides competent and comprehensive information on all these questions.
Target group: homeowners, builders, plumbing trade, architects, interior designers
Print-run: 16,000 copies


From dreaming of a house to owning a home - Einfamilienhäuser accompanies readers from dreaming of a house to financing and realisation - an indispensable guide during all stages. Einfamilienhäuser presents the most exciting product innovations and trends in a brief, high-quality presentation. The special topics - a major presence for companies and products in the areas of kitchens, bathrooms, windows, floor coverings, stairs, system houses, finance, conversion, heat and energy.
Print-run: 16,000 copies


The cover story - a cover in the typical high-class "Das Ideale Heim" style, tempts you to pick up the paper. hand. The cover story is by an established Swiss photographer and takes us through a dream garden combined with quality architecture. The side stories - here Garten fans out the variety of of possibilities in contemporary garden design and shows on the one hand magnificent gardens, but also styled outdoor areas and terraces. Also included are portraits of exciting personalities from the world of landscape architecture.
Print-run: 21,000 copies



The annual kitchen special provides information on current trends in kitchen construction and offers valuable tips and suggestions. The various aspects that are important when planning a kitchen, such as layout planning, kitchen types, kitchen furniture and appliances, are explained. Of course, accessories that give every kitchen an individual touch are also included.
Target group: homeowners, builders, carpenters, kitchen trade, architects, interior designers
Print-run: 16,000 copies

Smart Home & Living

The digitalisation of our private living space can no longer be stopped. Architects and builders can look into the possibilities and challenges of an intelligently networked house. How do you bring architecture and technology together? How do you prepare conversions and new buildings for the digital future? With the help of interviews, checklists and good realised examples, we will make architects and builders aware of the topic of "smart homes" and prepare them for a possible realisation. We want to give insights into planning, present smart devices and show the dos and don'ts of a smart network. So that builders, architects and interior designers are ready for the digital future!
Target group: architects, private and public builders, investors
Print-run: 79,000 copies