Advertising market Finland

Is your target group located in Finland? Then get to know our Finnish media network!

Sanoma Media Finland is the leading Finnish multi-channel media company. Their newspapers, magazines, TV and radio channels, online and mobile media provide information, experiences and entertainment. We reach most Finns every day.

Alma Talent is Finland's leading publisher of financial and trade media. More than 1,150,000 Finnish-speaking experts, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and investors read Alma Talent's media in print and digital every week.

Our media in Finland


Kauppalehti is an agile and constantly evolving news media channel for corporate decision makers and opinion leaders.


Helsingin Sanomat is the largest daily newspaper in the Nordic region and a pioneer in subscription-based digital journalism. Helsingin Sanomat offers unique journalism in print, online, on smartphones and tablets.


Talouselämä provides unique analysis and research-based information about Finnish society and businesses.


The only professional magazine about leadership and management in Finland. With Fakta you become a better leader.

Uusi Suomi

Uusi Suomi is the number one media outlet for the latest social and political news.


Arvopaperi provides unbiased information, ideas and suggestions for investors.


Kauppalehti Optio is an impressive and visual magazine on finance for readers who value high quality.


Tivi connects service and technology providers with their customers.


Mikrobitti provides detailed information about devices, services and related phenomena.


Finland's most renowned glossy magazine offers fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Gloria constantly provides its readers with novelties: Ideas, phenomena, themes and products.

Glorian koti

Glorian Koti reaches quality-conscious interior designers who are ready to invest in their home and vacation accommodation. The visually stunning magazine features the most beautiful Finnish homes and the most inspiring ideas and trends.

Glorian ruoka & viini.jpg
Glorian ruoka & viini

Finland's most renowned and beautiful food magazine gives voice to the joy of food. Glorian Ruoka & Viini tickles the taste buds of both beginners and more sophisticated home cooks with its recipes and inspiration for every day of the week.


ET magazine is the most popular adult magazine and the largest general interest magazine in Finland. ET is an entertaining, touching read that truly has the best interests of its target audience in mind and addresses issues that are important to its readers.


The leading science medium in Finland makes life interesting by showing even the most mundane things in a new light. Tiede is aimed at everyone who is curious about life. The magazine surprises its readers with every issue and also reveals what else it has to offer. Its intelligent, well-heeled readers appreciate quality.

Me Naiset

Me Naiset has the highest reach among women's magazines in Finland! Me Naiset knows Finnish women and women know Me Naiset. The edgy, cheerful magazine knows what women are into right now, and in addition to good vibes and inspiration, it offers the latest people and phenomena, the newest novelties, the most interesting articles, and always new perspectives.

Kodin Kuvalehti

Kodin Kuvalehti is one of the biggest women's magazines in Finland. It reaches women nationwide who make their daily buying decisions. Authentic life, real people with their stories and diverse everyday passions appeal to female readers in every issue.

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