Handelsblatt Finanzberater-Edition

The Handelsblatt has always been a first-rate source of information for professional financial advisors.

With the new financial advisor edition, the Handelsblatt editorial team is focusing even more strongly on the user interests of this professional group. It bundles and sorts everything that should flow into a good advisory service. It provides argumentation assistance for end customer conversations.

Consultants are part of the permanent team of authors, bring the right tone to every issue and ensure that the target group knows what they are talking about. Editorially moderated consultant surveys and discussions provide exciting reading material for the Handelsblatt main issue as well (e.g. Berater-Sentiment) or even serve as an indicator for the development of new financial products.

The format and layout of the Financial Advisor Edition is similar to that of the parent paper. In terms of content, however, it is exclusively dedicated to the professional needs of the financial advisor.

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