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Is your target group located in Sweden? Our Swedish media network ranges from publishers like Adspiration to the lifestyle group Bonnier News. We offer a wide range of media titles, among which you are guaranteed to find the right media title for your campaign and brand. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our media in Sweden


Sweden's leading fashion and lifestyle magazine.

Damernas värld is Sweden's biggest fashion magazine with high quality in all areas, reporting, analyzing, accompanying and always offering good fashion journalism in text and pictures. Here you can dream away and also participate in the things that are important in the life of a modern woman - inspiring people, relevant social issues that move, the most interesting voices and of course topics that are important for well-being and self-expression: Fashion, Beauty, Culture, Travel, Food and Interior Design. Ladies' World is quality and good taste all around. We also award the prestigious "Gold Button" fashion prize.


Sweden's most widely read parenting magazine - in print and digital.

On Viförä and in Vi Föräldrar magazine, the focus is on pregnancy and the first important years of a child's life, from newborn to preschool age - years when new habits are formed and loyalty to new brands is built. We Parents' consumer tests, buying guides, advice and tips are known for their high credibility. Vi föräldrar reaches parents with strong buying power throughout Sweden. We offer a variety of advertising and cooperation formats on all relevant platforms and tailor solutions on request - from small discounts to comprehensive overall concepts. If you want to reach an even broader target group, our FAMILY package, which also includes Mama!


Amelia - Sweden's most popular brand for women.

Amelia is the website and magazine that empowers and coaches women in all areas of life - finance, relationships, health and work. With a well-visited website and over 230,000 readers per issue, Amelia is the largest and most popular brand for women in Sweden.


Inspirational reading for women 40+.

Tara is the magazine for the midlife woman who has left the stress of having a toddler behind and can put herself back in the spotlight. It's both confusing and full of possibilities. Tara is her friend on this journey. Here she meets other women who have similar questions about what life should be about to be wonderful. It's about beauty, fashion, health, food, personal development, but most of all, relationships.


The success magazine for all those who are 50+.

M-Magazine is for women who are in an exciting phase of life and are actively thinking about their next steps. Our life issues, our health, our appearance. There are many of us, we are curious, we want to have an impact and feel involved. We are Mappies - Mature, Affluent Pioneering People. M-Magazine offers great reading material, topicality, enjoyment and service. Let us uplift you, enlighten you and bring you up to date.


The magazine that keeps you on top.

ToppHälsa helps you take the simple, effective steps to success to a more beautiful, glorious and healthy life. We give you 100% momentum and inspiration with the best fitness tips, the tastiest and healthiest recipes. We show you the smart way to natural beauty and help you bring out your best self - today.


Food inspiration for everyday & celebrations.

Allt om Mat helps you cook successfully every day. Here you'll find the quick meals that make a busy day easier, as well as inspiration for the more luxurious dinners of the weekend. We're at the forefront of healthy eating, always with a no-nonsense approach and a focus on great taste. Plus, there's always our popular 'Friday Gourmet', 'Buy Home 5', 'Cooking School' and 'Quick Sex' sections with lots of delicious recipes. In our test kitchen, we do the work for readers - our recipes work.


The adventure begins at Allt om resor.

Allt om Resor is the magazine that takes you to the destinations of your dreams - and the destinations you never knew you dreamed of. We write about sun & sea, weekend trips to hot cities and dream vacations to exciting places. We inspire hiking, adventure, cultural and active vacations - for those who want to experience a little more. All About Travel offers solid travel guides, inspiring reviews and beautiful pictures, and tells you where to find the best beaches, the most popular cities, the best hotels and the best shopping. Our popular tests and clever travel tips can be found in every issue.


Serious Automotive Journalism.

Teknikens Värld is the best serious automotive journalism in the world. In creating a wide-ranging magazine that covers everything from small cars to used cars to supercars, something our readers can usually only dream of. Our car tests are world-renowned for uncovering flaws in cars and are consistently quoted by other media. In addition, we help Swedes achieve the best possible and most affordable car ownership.

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