CombinationsOfferPackage price without DiscountPackage price with discount
Radio, TV Small300 seconds TV, 600 seconds Radio21'750 CHF10'800 CHF
Radio TV Medium600 seconds TV, 800 seconds Radio43'500 CHF19'500 CHF
Radio, TV Large900 seconds TV, 1'800 seconds Radio65'250 CHF27'000 CHF
Radio, Online Small300 seconds Radio, 1 week Online Front12'500 CHF8'300 CHF
Radio, Online Medium500 seconds Radio, 2 weeks Online Front22'500 CHF13'500 CHF
Radio, Online Large700 seconds Radio, 3 weeks Online Front32'500 CHF19'000 CHF
TV, Online Small300 seconds TV, 1 week Online Front11'750 CHF7'400 CHF
TV, Online Medium500 seconds TV, 2 weeks Online Front21'250 CHF12'800 CHF
TV, Online Large700 seconds TV, 3 weeks Online Front30'750 CHF18'000 CHF

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