3+ best in-house productions

3+ shows excellent entertainment with high-quality Swiss in-house productions such as "Bauer, ledig, sucht...", "Die Höhle der Löwen", "Sing meinen Song", "Der Bachelor" and "Die Bachelorette", exciting documentaries such as "Adieu Heimat - Schweizer wandern aus" and "Abenteuerlustig". With "First Dates" and "Auf der Spur," 3+ brought new exciting in-house formats to Switzerland in 2022. Numerous free TV premieres of top series in their first airings, as well as movie blockbusters, round out the suspenseful programming. 3+ is aimed at a broad TV audience.

General information

Group of ChannelsCH Media TV
Average age56
Core target groupWomen 15-49 years
Princing target groupPersons 15-49 years
Proportion of persons HHF62%

Core competencies

  • Successful Swiss in-house productions
  • Outstanding blockbusters
  • Top US series
  • Fascinating documentaries

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