6+ the innovative channel

6+ is the more “experimental” television channel within the CH Media group. The innovative channel’s schedule consists of classic US series, feature films, emotional documentaries and previous seasons of various CH Media in-house TV productions.

General information

Group of channelsCH Media TV
Average age59
Core target groupHH running people modern 20-49
Pricing target groupPeople 15-49
Proportion of HH running people65%

Core competencies

  • Successful Swiss in-house productions
  • Outstanding blockbusters
  • Top US series
  • Fascinating documentaries


People 15-49

Source: Mediapulse TV Data (Instar Analytics), GS, people 15-49 incl. guests, 6+, 2023, Mon-Sun 24h, TG-Share-% (Rt), MS-%, Aff (Rt), all platforms,
overnight +7.

FormatRt-TMS-%Aff (Rt)
Standup 3000 - Swiss Edition15.38521.4222
Mayday - Alarm im Cockpit14.9745.6193
Criminal Minds13.5032.9175
Pawn Stars - Die Drei vom Pfandhaus13.2796.1203
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit12.5602.8154
Der Camping Clan - Alles für den Platz12.1454.2190
The Blacklist11.4643.1217
The Pier - Die fremde Seite der Liebe10.2693.4177
The Horn8.9083.0173

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