6TER - la télé à partager

6ter, the third free TV station in the M6 Group, has been offering outstanding programm for families since 2012. 6ter's highlights include innovative in-house productions like "Les mamans," "Les reines de la route," and "Familles extraordinaires," as well as numerous ready-made formats like "Rénovation impossible" and "Les rois de la réno. Movies and American productions share 6ter's primetime.

General information

Group of ChannelsGroupe M6
Average age53
Core target groupHHF herkömmlich 20-49 years
Princing target groupPersons 15-49 years
Proportion of persons HHF74%

Core competencies

  • Outstanding blockbusters
  • Programming for the whole family
  • Entertaining DIY series
  • French in-house formats like "La grande vadrouille de Norbert"

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