AB3 - la télé puissance 3

The Belgian TV channel AB3 (then known as YTV, Young TV) was launched in 2001 and belongs to Groupe Mediawan. During the day, AB3 offers a diverse and varied program. This consists of more than 500 movies per year, cult series like "Desperate Housewives", exciting magazines as well as entertainment and talk shows.

General information

Group of ChannelsGroupe Mediawan
Average age52
Core target groupWomen 15-39 years
Princing target groupPersons 15-49 years
Proportion of persons HHF69%

Core competencies

  • Exciting US series
  • The channel for women who like to store
  • Entertaining docu-series and reportage
  • Belgian advertising law - liberal guidelines: Alcohol advertising is allowed and no translations required

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