Puls 8 - your feature film and series channel

At home in Switzerland, and connected to the world: Puls 8 viewers are cosmopolitan yet deeply rooted, enjoying Hollywood movies as much as in-house productions, with diverse interests and a clear sense of what they want. As a Swiss TV channel, Puls 8 provides viewers with 24-hour programming, offering a wide range of films and series. This includes Hollywood blockbusters, high-quality in-house productions, and movie classics. The spectrum of genres spans from romance, family films, and comedies to sci-fi and thrillers. The diverse programming ensures optimal engagement with the core target group: household-owning men and women between the ages of 20 and 49.

General information

Group of channelsSeven.One Entertainment Group
Average age56
Core target groupHH running convl. 20-49
Pricing target groupPeople 15-49
Proportion of HH running people67%

Core competencies

  • Wide range of feature films in theme night programming
  • US Success Series
  • High quality own formats


People 15-49

Source: Mediapulse TV Data (Instar Analytics), GS, people 15-49 incl. guests, Puls 8, 2023, Mon-Sun 24h, TG-share-% (Rt), MS-%, Aff (Rt), all platforms, overnight +7.

FormatRt-TMS-%Aff (Rt)
Kevin - Allein zu Haus24.3287.0129
Die Simpsons22.57114.9212
Julia Leischik sucht: Bitte melde dich22.08532.3144
Niedrig und Kuhnt - Kommissare ermitteln20.67828.4161
How I Met Your Mother20.54824.4206
Halbpension mit Schmitz XXL19.0104.7160
Rosins Restaurants - Ein Sternekoch räumt auf!17.34332.6182
Mr. Bean macht Ferien16.9327.6145
Cowboys & Aliens16.6016.1149
Crocodile Dundee II16.4865.490

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