Spot delivery tv

On this page you will find all the information you need for the production and delivery of your commercial. 

Technical specifications
Please note the technical specifications of the various TV stations: Delivery instructions

Delivery deadlines
Please check the regulations, exceptions and information on the updated delivery deadlines for advertising material in the factsheet TV delivery deadlines.

Cost-effective spot production
If you have a small advertising budget for your planned TV spot, please contact us. Thanks to our close cooperation with various producers, we can offer you low-cost options for the production of your TV spot.

Digital spot delivery
The advertiser sends a master file of the advertising material in the format specified on the website to Goldbach Media via one of the recognised delivery services listed below or directly (via Spotupload). The advertising material must be provided with the information required for allocation and transmission (VTR card, order number from Mediapro order confirmation). 

Goldbach Media shall undertake the technical preliminary check, the allocation of the advertising material and the encoding into the specified formats for the individual broadcasters. Transmission to the broadcasters takes place after Goldbach Media has checked the content and legal aspects.

The costs for encoding the formats shall be invoiced additionally to the advertising client. For deliveries via one of the services listed below, this amount will be charged directly via the delivery service.

- CHF 70 for the creation of a single broadcast format (cf. list of broadcast formats)

- CHF 140 for the creation of two or more broadcast formats (cf. list of broadcast formats)

- CHF 125 for spots of 300 seconds or more (maximum length 1800 seconds). These spots are transmitted to the broadcasters overnight.

If you have any questions, please contact Goldbach Media ([email protected]).