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TOGGO is by far the most popular TV station with children - thanks to high-quality programming that is fun for young viewers and meets the educational demands of parents. In the morning, the "Toggolino" program brand is geared to the needs of preschoolers. Formats with few words convey leitmotifs such as friendship and teamwork. "TOGGO" is the program brand for the afternoon. With in-house productions, knowledge magazines and cinema-quality animations, schoolchildren aged 6 to 14 are addressed in an age-appropriate way.

General information

Group of ChannelsRTL Deutschland
Average age25
Core target groupKids 3-14 years
Princing target groupKids 3-14 years
Proportion of persons HHF28%

Core competencies

  • Variety of cartoon formats
  • Best family entertainment where children are the center of attention
  • Knowledge formats & entertaining shows
  • Age-appropriate children's program: 06:00 - 10:00 : 3-6 years 10:00 - 20:15 : 6-13 years

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