TV24 - strong sport

TV24’s broad entertainment schedule is aimed at the target group of 15 to 49-year-olds. In addition to top-class free-TV premieres of US blockbusters, TV24 broadcasts a great deal of premieres of popular TV series. Live big sports events from tennis to football, handball and ice hockey complete the schedule. With “Ninja Warrior Switzerland”, TV24 launched its first major in-house production in 2018. A year later, TV24 brought the globally popular TV format “Die Höhle der Löwen” to Switzerland for the first time and then also the successful format “Sing meinen Song – das Schweizer Tauschkonzert”. Both formats can now be watched on 3+. 

General information

Group of channelsCH Media TV
Average age57
Core target groupPeople 20-49
Pricing target groupPeople 15-49
Proportion of HH running people57%

Core competencies

  • Swiss in-house productions such as Sing mein Song
  • US series and top-class feature films
  • Live sports broadcasts (football, ice hockey, handball, etc.)
  • Real-life formats like Timber Kings


People 15-49

Source: Mediapulse TV Data (Instar Analytics), GS, people 15-49 incl. guests, TV24, 2023, Mon-Sun 24h, TG-Share-% (Rt), MS-%, Aff (Rt), all platforms,
overnight +7.

FormatRt-TMS-%Aff (Rt)
Eishockey: National League 22/23 FACE OFF! - Playoff-Finale33.9927.1136
Fussball: UEFA Europa Conference League 2022/23 - Play-Off33.59111.0215
Fussball: UEFA Europa Conference League 2022/23 - Achtelfinale32.90713.0208
Fussball: Europa (Conference) League 2022/23, ASAT28.8058.2215
Storage Wars - Geschäfte in Kanada25.56616.3219
Storage Wars - Die Geschäftemacher21.50812.4215
Naked Survival - Ausgezogen in die Wildnis19.7845.1210
Der Geiger - Boss of Big Blocks16.6524.8202
Dr. Pimple Popper16.39015.5218
Steel Buddies - Stahlharte Geschäfte16.33419.7212

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