AmbientMeter 2021 confirms Goldbach Austria as the digital out-of-home marketer with the widest reach

According to the latest AmbientMeter survey, 64.6% of Austrians between the ages of 14 and 69 can be reached in 2 weeks via the Goldbach digital out-of-home network. This represents an increase of 3.4% points compared to the last AmbientMeter study in 2019. Goldbach Austria was thus able to consolidate its position as the DOOH marketer with the highest reach in Austria.

"We are of course very pleased about this confirmation, which shows that it is absolutely worthwhile to always stay on the ball and consistently expand our DOOH network. In addition to high national reach and versatile advertising environments, which are rightly expected by advertising customers, it is now also a matter of pushing the automated booking options. Already now, a significant part of our outdoor advertising offer is available programmatically and we are working at full speed to further increase this share in order to be able to offer the best possible out-of-home solution for every campaign target," says Goldbach Austria Managing Director Josef Almer.

Overall, according to AmbientMeter 2021, the DOOH medium reaches 74.4% of the Austrian population. "This means that 87% or almost 9 out of 10 of the population that can be reached by means of DOOH can be addressed via the Goldbach network," Almer sums up.

In this year's AmbientMeter study, the following Goldbach Channels were surveyed: City (public areas in cities), Station (station halls, platforms, station connecting corridors, shopping malls in stations), Roadside(large-scale LED boards at high-traffic locations, intersections), Shopping Mall (shopping centers), Shopping Specialty Store (Mediamarkt stores), School, University. The City, Station and Roadside channels are already programmatically connected.

AmbientMeter - The Reach Study of Austrian Out-of-Home Media

In cooperation with MCÖ, The Media Consultants (TMC) publishes up-to-date reach data on more than 35 classic, mobile and digital out-of-home advertising formats seen by millions of Austrians. The AmbientMeter is published every two years and in 2021 for the ninth time. It is a multi-client project financed by many marketers and provides diverse reach and structural results on an independent basis. In addition to reach, sympathies for media are also queried - the table section provides cross-tabulations which, in addition to socio-demographics, also show a wide range of interests and the media usage of the respondents as a whole. Austrians between the ages of 14 and 69 (6,354,000) were surveyed in around 5,000 online interviews with marketagent.com in October 2021.