Campaign for Wiener Elektro Tage relies on innovative media channels

The advertising campaign for the Vienna Electric Carriers relies on many advantages of different media genres. The Austrian newcomer band ALLE ACHTUNG! - known for the hit singles "Marie" and "Bowie" - is part of the extensive line-up at the major event at Vienna's Rathaus Platz.

Porsche Media & Creative (PMC) is not only the organizer of the second Wiener Elektrotage, but also responsible for the implementation of the extensive advertising campaign. In the campaign planning, the agency's media planning relies on special targeting options as well as innovative forms of advertising. The magazine of the Wiener Elektrotage - published by PMC - with a lot of content is the core of the campaign. Exciting interviews and topics on a sustainable lifestyle, as well as the detailed program of the Elektrotage can be found in this publication, which was specially designed for the event.

The magazine will be sent by post to selected Viennese households in the run-up to the event and can be accessed online by all interested parties. Content stretches from the magazine will be booked out in various Austrian print titles.

The magazine of the Viennese electrical days gives it starting from 20 May also as ebook under wiener-elektrotage.at

The Austrian newcomer band ALLE ACHTUNG! - known for the hit singles "Marie" and "Bowie" - will play as the main act at Wiener Elektrotage on Thursday, June 16, 2022. The band is an integral part of the promotional implementation - in the magazine, in the moving image spot, online and in print.

Petra Reiter, Manager ALL ATTENTION!!! "I am pleased that we have succeeded in the last few years to inspire people with the songs of ALLE ACHTUNG over the radio and TV. Now we are finally allowed and able to give the people LIVE experiences again. Visitors can look forward to a great concert for the whole family."

Together with the screen marketer Goldbach Austria, PMC relies on Connected TV advertising formats and the targeting possibilities of Advanced TV.

Josef Almer, Managing Director Goldbach Austria: "With our Advanced TV solutions, innovative advertising formats are used to promote an event for innovative products. The optimal mix of Samsung Ads, CTV Spots and Switch-In Ads on DMAX allows us to address the tech-savvy target group interested in sustainability with pinpoint accuracy and activate them to come to the event.

As a daily newspaper partner, we were able to win "Heute" , a medium with a strong reach.

Gernot Fischer, Managing Director Sales 'Heute': "We are particularly pleased about this partnership, as environmental protection is an important focus of the 'Heute' newspaper and sustainable mobility makes an important contribution to this. As the market leader, we will therefore also use our entire communication power in print, online and OOH by means of our more than 1,000 collection boxes to publicize this event. All of Vienna will thus hear about this great event."

Andreas Martin, Managing Director of Porsche Media & Creative, organizer of the Wiener Elektro Tage and agency of the campaign: "We are very pleased that we were able to win a top gig for the Wiener Elektrotage with ALLE ACHTUNG! The novel Advanced TV solutions appeal to a tech-savvy target group, and the various geomarketing options make this form of advertising ideal for us to promote the event."

Excerpt of participating brands: AUDI, CUPRA, Fiat, KIA, Porsche, ŠKODA, Toyota, VW, VW Commercial Vehicles, Sharetoo, KTM, MOON POWER, SEAT Mo', Gibeswiederher.at, ÖAMTC, Vespa/Piaggio, Vibe, TU Wien Racing, among others.

Excerpt of the guests/stars on the main stage: among others ALL ATTENTION! (with the hit singles "Marie" and "David Bowie"), Anna Buchegger (Starmania winner 2021), Boris Bukowski, James Cottriall, Martina Kaiser, Zweikanalton, Marcus Wadsak, Martina Reuter, Chris Lohner, Rainer Pariasek, Harry Prünster, Christina Sprenger, Angelika Niedetzky, Martina Kaiser and many others.

Children and family program: There will be an extensive program with interactive games for the whole family. The two-wheel manufacturer KTM will present children's e-bikes, which can also be tested by the kids on a specially demarcated track. Varied culinary delights with pasta, wraps, frozen yogurt and many sustainable delicacies round off the offer.

Opening hours Wiener Elektro Tage 2022:

Wednesday, June 15 to Saturday, June 18, 2022

Sunday, June 19, 2022