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First mover campaign: Samsung combines dynamic ad optimization with stock levels

To promote the Samsung Galaxy S24, an Austria-wide programmatic digital out-of-home campaign was run in the Goldbach Austria network from 2 May to 30 June, using unprecedented DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) optimization approaches. For the first time, the DCO logic was also linked to Samsung's merchandise management system, allowing a different cell phone model to be advertised depending on stock levels.

In addition, the DCO logic was used to combine various triggers (location, time, weather) with different functions of the Galaxy S24. Situation-specific subjects were displayed on the screens. In addition, the DOOH areas near certain landmarks in Austrian cities (e.g. St. Stephen's Cathedral, Golden Roof, Schönbrunn...) were used with individual advertising material.

"This campaign is an exciting opportunity to strengthen the connection between online and offline and to show our customers in a new, innovative way what the Galaxy S24 can do. Through a refined trigger set and hyper-local assets, we not only want to gain additional attention, but also achieve a very targeted use of the assets - even offline. We have booked screens throughout Austria and are playing out various suitable feature assets. For example, Circle to Search for famous landmarks or weather-dependent assets, such as reflection distance in sunny weather and IP68 certification (water resistance) in the rain. We also adjust the products displayed depending on the current eStore stock and show either the Galaxy S24 Ultra or the Galaxy S24+ | Galaxy S24," explains Petra Müller, Head of Marketing Communications IM at Samsung Austria.

Asam Badfar, Digital Account Manager at Publicis Media Austria, is also very satisfied with the cooperation and the outcome of the campaign: "Programmatic Digital Out Of Home is playing an increasingly important role in our targeted media planning. Our cooperation with Goldbach Austria enables us as a media agency to fully exploit the possibilities of the DOOH market. Thanks to Goldbach Media Austria's expertise, their advanced technology offering and our strategic planning, we were able to jointly realize a unique campaign with dynamic and data-driven content for our client Samsung Austria."

"Campaigns like this show the full potential that lies in new technical solutions such as automated campaign playout. No customer has yet taken the step of linking the DCO logic with the merchandise management system to advertise various products based on availability. We hope that this first mover campaign by Publicis for the client Samsung will motivate other companies to rely on new intelligent logics in order to advertise and even sell more efficiently in public spaces," says Marcus Zinn, Sales Director DOOH at marketer Goldbach Austria about the latest flagship campaign.


Client: Samsung Electronics Austria GmbH / Petra Müller. Doris Kimpfel
Media agency: Publicis Media Austria / Asam Badfar, Stephan Mantuano
Media marketing/services: Goldbach Austria / Florian Suko, Marcus Zinn
Creative agency: Cheil Austria GmbH / Nico Strobl
Programmatic playout: Active Agent
DCO concept: AIM3 / Sebastian Gutmann


Photo credit: Rene Wallentin
from left to right: Asam Badfar (Digital Account Manager at Publicis Media Austria), Marcus Zinn (Sales Director DOOH at Goldbach Austria), Stephan Mantuano (Senior Programmatic Account Manager at Publicis Media Austria), Petra Müller (Head of Marketing Communications IM at Samsung Electronics Austria)