Gösser relies on digital out of home with special advertising format for organic launch

To promote the new Gösser Biostoff product line, creative agency McCann and media agency Dentsu are playing the full digital out-of-home keyboard of DOOH expert Goldbach Austria.

In addition to the programmatic playout of the Austria-wide campaign in the city, roadside and station areas around point of sale outlets, nine display screens in prominent locations were also completely wrapped and branded as part of a special implementation and the screens were exclusively occupied with the campaign.

"In traditional outdoor advertising, we have often used special forms of advertising to generate additional attention. With the current campaign, we are now going one step further. For the first time, we are combining all the possibilities of digital out-of-home, such as programmatic playout and moving images, with the attention-grabbing possibilities of format blasting offered by outdoor advertising," says Johannes Hofmann, Media Manager Brau Union, about the current first-mover campaign in the Goldbach portfolio.

Gabriela Nimmervoll, Key Account Manager DOOH at Goldbach Austria, adds: "Through the innovative combination of programmatic technology with creative foiling directly at the point of sale, we are setting new standards in our marketing offer and showing that such special forms of advertising can also be easily implemented in the digital sector. The full integration of the digital approach enables us to present the Gösser brand in a dynamic and visible environment, allowing us to reach the target group exactly where their attention is highest."

The special advertising format was shown for one week from May 6, 2024. The programmatic campaign ran throughout Austria for two weeks from May 6, 2024.


Client: Gösser/ Brand: Yasmin-Kathrin Raggl & Media: Johannes Hofmann
Media agency: Dentsu / Christina Wöhrer-Stern
Marketing: Goldbach Austria/ Gabriela Nimmervoll, Marcus Zinn
Creative agency: McCann/ Philipp Staudinger

Photo credit: Rene Wallentin

f.l.t.r.: Philipp Staudinger (Account Director at McCann) + dog Louis, Timo Ambroz (Digital Media Specialist at Brau Union), Antonia Forstinger (Project Account Manager at McCann), Julia Zeillinger (Client Service at Dentsu)