Goldbach Austria introduces new advertising format for Advanced TV

At a round table event, screen marketer Goldbach Austria gave a "sneak preview" of a new, targeted form of advanced TV advertising: Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI). This is currently being tested in a pilot phase together with technology partner A1 and two portfolio partners and will soon be available to advertising customers. DAI makes it possible to play spots on TV sets in a personalized and targeted manner, depending on the target group. After all, mass media does not have to mean mass advertising. The expertise of marketing professional Goldbach and technology leader A1 complement each other in the development of this innovation in the advanced TV sector.

As part of the Goldbach Round Table "Dynamic Ad Insertion. A future for TV advertising", the screen marketer gave its advertising customers an outlook on a TV advertising form of the near future. The successful tests in cooperation with technology partner A1 are expected to be completed this summer, and the new Advanced TV advertising solution for personalized advertising on the big TV screen will become reality. For the first time in Austria, advertising can be played via set-top boxes and OTT devices from A1. With Dynamic Ad Insertion, the advertising block of linear live TV or non-linear TV content displayed in the TV stream is replaced by alternative or target group-specific advertising content (also called ad stitching). The advertising played to a household is personalized accordingly and thus differs from the conventional, classic TV advertising block. In short: digital advertising with all its advantages on linear TV.

Target group-specific delivery increases the efficiency of TV advertising. At the same time, inventories that were previously not available at all to Austrian advertisers are now bookable. Right from the start, prominent TV brands such as Deluxe Music, TELE 5, HGTV and Warner TV are on board. The portfolio will be successively expanded.

"DAI makes TV advertising personalizable. In addition, there is a use of previously unmarketed channels - thus more inventory is available. Added to this are the advantages of digital advertising such as transparency, measurability and campaign control. Combined with shorter lead times, the possibility of regionalization and, last but not least, the increase in added value in Austria, the advantages of this new form of advertising are immense," also emphasizes Matthias Lorenz of A1, which is overseeing the project development as the technology leader.

"The future of TV advertising is digital and versatile. It presents brands on the big screen in an attention-grabbing and simultaneously targeted manner. To stay relevant as a marketer, we are constantly striving to develop the latest and most efficient technical solutions - to optimize efficiency for our advertising customers. The Advanced division makes it possible to display customized advertising to different households at the same time. Dynamic Ad Insertion is one example of many current developments in this area, in which we as Goldbach are also doing some pioneering work. I am all the more pleased to have now done the corresponding proof of concept and to soon be able to offer a solution for the market," says Goldbach Austria Managing Director Josef Almer, describing his company's first mover positioning.

"The advantages for us as a marketer are obvious: With this new offer, the net reach of the linear TV program can be increased considerably and the advertising industry can be provided with even more high-quality advertising environments. In this way, we are making the most of the digital possibilities of the TV medium. This is the future of TV advertising," adds Wolfgang Pernkopf, Sales Director TV & Advanced TV at Goldbach Austria.

Dynamic Ad Insertion is just one part of Goldbach's comprehensive Advanced TV portfolio, which also includes CTV Ads and Spots as well as Addressable TV. As Goldbach's current DACH-wide Advanced TV study also confirms, Connected TV (CTV) enjoys great popularity among all advertising-relevant target groups. 79% of respondents said they were familiar with CTV, 61% use its additional functions such as streaming apps, TV station apps, gaming apps, etc. It is striking that the intensity of use has increased compared to previous years. So naturally, true to the motto "Advertising follows the customer," advertising spend is also moving into this range.

In his presentation, Jochen Witte, CTO of the Goldbach Group in Zurich, gave detailed insights into how dynamic ad insertion works technically and compared the new playout option with classic TV spot delivery. His conclusion: "DAI can be combined very well with classic TV campaigns - keyword reach extension - as well as with online video or other digital campaigns."

Alongside Deluxe Music, Warner Bros. Discovery is acting as one of the pioneers on the broadcaster side in this new form of advertising. "Under Next Generation Ad, we as Warner Bros. Discovery summarize the new possibilities - this also includes DAI. For us as a media company and broadcaster, this new form of advertising primarily represents additional revenue, while advertisers benefit from the minimization of wastage due to better targeting. In any case, we have been involved right from the start with our Austria portfolio TELE 5, HGTV, Warner TV Comedy, Series and Film, which is now also marketed via Goldbach Austria," says Markus Spangler, Vice President Ad Sales at Discovery Communications Germany.

"With DAI, a new solution for TV advertising has arrived in Austria. For the first time, the new product makes it technically possible to target via the set-top boxes in A1 households and play out advertising to specific target groups. Previously, this was only possible via apps and platforms. For advertisers, this means a greater variety of bookable station brands for every target group, versatile targeting options, and overall more net reach on the big screen for the Austrian TV advertising market," says Josef Almer, summing up what was said at the round table morning.