Ikea, Mercedes and Sky are the young stars in Q4 2021

Goldbach Youngstar survey confirms IKEA as most vital brand of Q4 2021. MERCEDES and SKY in 2nd and 3rd place

The Swedish furniture giant, the car brand with the star and the media brand Sky - the current wave of the regular Youngstar survey shows which brands are rated as the most vital brands by young people and the young at heart.

In first place in the current Goldbach Youngstar survey on the most youthful brands in Q4 2021 is the Swedish furniture retail brand IKEA with a score of 61.6 points. Mercedes lands in 2nd place with 46.9 points in terms of youthfulness among respondents. SKY is also among the top 3 advertising brands in the perception of the young and young-at-heart in terms of vitality and is rated with 46.2 points.

Based on a quantitative survey by the Austrian Gallup Institute, the Goldbach Youngstar is regularly awarded to the brand that is considered the "most vital and youngest" among the young and young-at-heart target group. The score, which forms the basis of the result, is made up of 3 sub-scores: Brand - Spot - Before/After comparison. In all subscores, Ikea was able to prevail in the current wave.

The results in detail
IKEA is not only at the top in terms of awareness with 95%. The furniture retail chain is also at the top in terms of vitality. The winner of the 4th quarter survey was perceived (very) positively by 72% of respondents and was rated above all as "modern", "original", "innovative/novel". The current spot mainly paid off on the criteria "youthful," "funny," "entertaining," and "powerful/energizing." Whereas 41% of the study participants attributed the characteristic "youthful" to IKEA before viewing the commercial, this figure was 47% (+6%) after viewing the current commercial. With regard to the criterion "funny", the value even increased by 13%.

At 90% awareness, the brand perception of the second-placed Mercedes is also extremely positive: 57% of the young respondents view the brand (very) positively, while a further 32% are neutral towards it. Significant changes to the image of the brand occurred after viewing the commercial, particularly with regard to the attributes "traditional", "elitist" and "conservative". Whereas before viewing the commercial the characteristics "traditional" and "elitist" still received the strongest approval, the values dropped by -13% and -16% respectively after viewing the commercial. At the same time, the values for "entertaining, "youthful," and "fun" increased the most. The strongest characteristic, according to the spot, is "powerful, energetic".

Awareness of the Sky brand among Austria's young people is 75%, according to the latest Youngstar survey. The spot shown scored with youthfulness ("youthful": +9% after spot) and an attack on the laugh muscles ("funny": +14% before spot/after spot comparison). The characteristic with which the media brand scores most - regardless of whether before or after viewing the spot - is "entertaining".