Most youthful brands of the 1st quarter: Oreo ahead of Lieferando and Kelly's

Three culinary brands in the top 3 positions in the latest Goldbach Youngstar survey.

The latest results of the quarterly Youngstar survey conducted by the Austrian Gallup Institute on behalf of Goldbach Austria have been published. Oreo is in first place in Q1 2024 with a score of 55.8, ahead of Lieferando (53.9) and Kelly's (53.1). The study evaluates brands from the perspective of young people and the young at heart in terms of their vitality and youthfulness.

The podium of the current young stars certainly goes through the stomach. In the current survey, the well-known cookie brand Oreo is in first place in terms of youthfulness and brand vitality, ahead of the food delivery company Lieferando, closely followed by the snack brand Kelly's, which has improved its youthful image by almost 13 percentage points since the last survey. The scores of all 3 frontrunners in this wave are well above the benchmark of 46.2 for all brands surveyed to date.

The best-placed brand, Oreo, scored particularly well in the survey with its current ad in terms of youthfulness. The cookie brand, which is attested a high level of brand awareness (81%), was able to record an increase in approval among respondents, particularly with regard to the attributes modern, active, entertaining, funny and innovative. According to the respondents, the brand is characterized above all by the attributes youthful and modern.

In the case of Lieferando, which took second place in the current Youngstar survey, the assessment was completely reversed. The brand was rated the most vital of all participating brands before the commercial was viewed. In terms of youthfulness, the commercial landed in 4th place, with the attributes of originality and entertainment being the main contributors to the current campaign, which were rated higher after viewing the commercial. The attributes modern and active received the most approval.

The most significant change in the before-and-after comparison of the attributes that respondents assigned to the respective brand was for the Austrian snack brand Kelly's. While the attributes youthful and traditional together received the most approval before viewing the commercial, after viewing the video the attribution of the attribute traditional was significantly reduced. On the other hand, Kelly's was able to make particularly significant gains with regard to the attributes original, modern, innovative and powerful/energetic. The brand's most highly rated attributes are youthfulness and originality.

Since 2011, the Goldbach Youngstar survey has examined different brands quarterly on the basis of a quantitative study by the Austrian Gallup Institute with regard to their youthfulness and vitality in the perception of the young and young-at-heart target group. The score, which forms the basis of the respective result, is made up of 3 sub-scores: Brand - Spot - Before/After comparison. The brand with the highest score within a year receives the Goldbach Youngstar Award as the annual winner.