Mega! RAF Camora and KTHE | Team Farner make mood for "Today

The creative agency KTHE | Team Farner redefines the daily newspaper "Heute" in the market environment with an attention-grabbing communication campaign. And positions the brand as an innovative medium.

Already known for its outstanding performance in print and online, "Heute" stands out especially for its clear presentation of news. Its speed and topicality are also unparalleled, thanks to the constant supply of current events from "Heute" reader reporters.

The campaign developed by KTHE | Team Farner focuses on these strengths and hits the nail on the head with the catchy slogan "The moment at a glance".

The campaign will be implemented throughout Austria in two phases starting in September.

Phase 1 focuses on the "Heute" print edition and emphasizes its speed and topicality by means of a TV spot, online assets, print subjects, digital out-of-home and radio.

Rap star RAF Camora was recruited to take part in the campaign, giving it a special twist.

In phase 2, the focus is on the web and mobile presence of "Heute" including user-generated content. The powerful TV spot incorporates footage created by readers for readers. Accompanied by print subjects, online assets, digital out of home and radio.

"With the concept "The Moment at a Glance", we are bringing the strengths of "Heute" clearly to the point and positioning the news medium even more clearly in the existing market environment," Marc Kobza, Managing Director of KTHE | Team Farner.

"But our campaign is much more than just a message of the extraordinary topicality of "Heute". It simply shows how important it is for us to always be up-to-date and to build a good connection with our loyal readers - whether in print or online," emphasize publisher Dr. Eva Dichand and managing director Wolfgang Jansky.

"With this campaign, we want to clearly highlight one of our USPs: the unique value of our large reader reporter community at "Heute". The TV spot, which was designed with content from precisely this community, impressively illustrates this and has also never been seen in this form before," says Marketing Director Herbert Seipt, delighted about the premiere.

The campaign has been running nationwide since September 4.