Advertising on time-shifted TV: Goldbach’s TV portfolio now includes replay ads

The TV industry is launching a world premiere for TV advertising: The replay ads. This will allow advertisers to also address potential consumers specifically on time-shifted TV. Goldbach Media is now taking bookings for this innovative advertising form.

Zurich, 13 September 2022 – Advertisers can now place ads on time-shifted TV. For the first time, they have the opportunity to specifically address TV audiences that don’t watch shows and programmes live. TV marketer Goldbach Media is now offering Replay Ads in its portfolio. The first Replay Ad campaigns will be broadcast from 4 October 2022.

New target groups and additional reach
This newly created opportunity of advertising on catch-up TV gives the advertising industry access to an attractive new target group and thus additional reach for TV campaigns. Alex Duphorn, CEO of Goldbach Media (Switzerland): ‘Replay ads give our customers access to a globally unique and innovative opportunity for television advertising. Due to initial enquiries from advertisers and the results of our recently conducted acceptance study, we’re confident that this new advertising form will be well received throughout the market.’

Replay ads with three action-based, user-friendly formats
Goldbach offers advertisers three formats that can be adapted to the respective usage scenario and/or viewer campaign on time-shifted TV. The advertising message can be included as a start ad (short ad at the start), pause ad (static display when pausing) or fast forward ad (ad break when fast forwarding). Due to a relatively short length of ad time, each replay ad benefits from exclusive placement, thereby attracting the attention of the TV audience. These innovative formats also allow viewers to accurately (re)access television programmes.

Replay ads are becoming standard throughout Switzerland
The new replay ads came about as part of an industry agreement between TV broadcasters, distributors and advertisers due to the increasing importance of time-shifted TV. The launch of new hybrid TV research by Mediapulse in July 2022 also created the technical basis for measuring time-shifted TV usage, thereby establishing replay ads as part of official Swiss TV currency.