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Our new outdoor advertising marketer is called Goldbach Neo

Following their merger, Clear Channel Schweiz and Neo Advertising will operate under the name Goldbach Neo.

The merger of Clear Channel Schweiz and Neo Advertising to form Goldbach’s new out-of-home division has reached another milestone: Goldbach’s Board of Directors has decided the name for the new out-of-home division will be Goldbach Neo OOH AG (Goldbach Neo).

The new name provides a reference to the firmly established Neo Advertising brand, while also indicating its affiliation to the marketer Goldbach.

As of 1 July 2023, the Executive Committee will consist of the current members of Clear Channel Schweiz, in addition to Florian Maas and David Auer from Neo Advertising.

  • CEO: Christoph Marty; Sales & Marketing: Diego Quintarelli; Technology, Development & Operations: Rob Furger; Finance, Controlling & HR: Tom Gibbings

  • Due to the strategic importance of the contracts with the city council, public transport authorities and airport in Geneva, an extended Executive Committee will be created, including Florian Maas, as Director French-Speaking Switzerland & Ticino, and David Auer, responsible for transformation and special projects.

Christian Vaglio-Giors will transfer to the Board of Directors and take on the role of advisor to Christoph Marty.

The rights to the Clear Channel name expired with the sale to the TX Group/Goldbach. Accordingly, Clear Channel Schweiz AG will become Goldbach Neo OOH AG as of 27 June 2023. The merger of Neo Advertising AG into Goldbach Neo OOH AG will take place at the end of September 2023. From this date and in time for the opening of bookings, the entire inventory of the previous companies will be bookable under Goldbach Neo for 2024.

‘Goldbach Neo allows us to keep what we have already successfully established in the market and simultaneously plan a successful joint future,’ says Christoph Marty, CEO of the new company.