Radio usage in the home office - At this time of day your radio campaign will be heard

Not only did our daily routine change with the first Corona lockdown in spring 2020, but radio usage has also shown new trends since then. Hans Lackner, Director Operations at radio broker Swiss Radioworld, has analyzed radio usage in 2019 and 2020 before, during and after the lockdown.


Net reach of Swiss radios 2019-2020 over the course of the day (in thousands).

Radio Reach Grafik

Source: Mediapulse Radio Data (Evogenius Reporting); 01.01.2019-31.12.2020.


1. radio usage before the first lockdown:
Radio is listened to primarily during drive time and the lunch break

In the course of the day, the largest peaks have so far been registered in the morning and in the evening during drive time. In the course of the morning, reach declined somewhat, while a slight increase was recorded again around midday. In the afternoon, a drop in output was again observed. The highest ranges were measured in the late afternoon and early evening.


2. radio usage during the first lockdown:
Radio at midday peak

Radio usage changes significantly during the first lockdown in spring 2020. Radios briefly lost significant reach at certain times of the day, but this was put into perspective by longer listening times in some cases. With commuter traffic severely limited at the time, the greatest loss in reach was most evident during morning and evening drive time. In contrast, usage increased later in the morning and peaked around midday.


3. radio usage after the first lockdown:
Radio listening increased in the morning and early evening

Radio usage remained changed in 2020 after the lockdown: Instead of the usual peak in the morning drive time, it showed increased usage throughout the morning until lunchtime. Together with the later afternoon and early evening, these are currently the times with the highest reach.



Radio usage has changed with the lockdown and the new daily schedules. Since the lockdown, there has been a slight decline in reach. In addition to the still limited commuter traffic (especially in the mornings), this is also due to increased headphone use in the home office, which is currently not (yet) included in the measurement. For your own campaign planning, it may therefore make sense to make appropriate adjustments.

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