SMG uses data management platform from Goldbach

SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG has recently started using Goldbach's own data management platform (DMP) "Farcaster" for optimized data processing and use. Goldbach Group, and in particular Goldbach Audience (Switzerland), has been successfully using its DMP "Farcaster" for years to define intelligent and multidimensional target groups and is constantly developing the technology further.

As of November 1, 2022, SMG integrated Goldbach's data management platform (DMP) "Farcaster" and uses it for its data-driven advertising campaigns. The data management platform is used to collect and process first-party data and enables a high level of granularity in the playout of advertising campaigns. With the successful integration, SMG offers its advertising customers the opportunity for even more accurate data-driven advertising campaigns on the SMG platforms.

"The Goldbach DMP "Farcaster" technology enables us to optimize our data-driven advertising campaigns and offer our advertising clients advertising solutions with high relevance and accuracy as well as very low wastage," explains Philipp Benker, Group Director SMG Swiss Marketplace Group Advertising.

Dr. Markus A. Wirth, Chief Transformation Officer of the Goldbach Group, is also pleased: "It's great that we can support SMG with data processing and data management. Goldbach continuously invests in its own data capability and security. This allows us to support our partners with best-in-class technologies like Farcaster, while leading by example and ensuring data protection standards here in Switzerland for the benefit of end users*."

Since October 2022, Goldbach Audience (Switzerland) AG has been marketing the entire inventory of all SMG marketplaces through its network offering. These include ImmoScout24, Homegate, AutoScout24, anibis.ch, Ricardo and tutti.ch. Now the two companies are expanding their partnership.