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"The future is cookieless, but we have a future".

This year's Online Advertising Day revolved around the topic that is the subject of lively debate in the industry: What's next in the Cookieless Future? We took the opportunity to ask the experts on site for their assessment.

How do we survive the "cookiepocalypse"?

Uli Hegge, Head of Privacy at InfoSum, took the audience on a journey through time in the cookie universe. Based on developments around real time bidding, behavioral targeting and user identification, which have led to the emergence of third-party cookies, the digital advertising industry is now heading for a veritable "cookiepocalypse". Public perception looks accordingly. What next? According to the expert, a new balance is needed between the various interests.


Are we heading for an identity evolution or identity revolution?

The majority of marketers do not yet see themselves sufficiently prepared for the future of data-driven marketing without cookies. Ralf Hammerath, Managing Director of Virtual Minds, used cases to show how alternative identifiers affect the addressability of users. He concludes: It is not simply a matter of cookie replacement in the future.


What does the OneLog media login bring to data-driven marketing?

The Swiss login alliance OneLog was launched in 2021 and already has almost 1 million users. CEO Silvano Oeschger explains on Online Advertising Day what there is to know about the Swiss media login in view of the abolition of third-party cookies.


Would you like to relive Online Advertising Day 2021?

Together with our guests and speakers, we were able to immerse ourselves in the diverse world of online advertising. We would like to thank all participants for this inspiring industry event. Around 100 representatives from agencies, advertisers and publishers were on site at the Giesserei Zurich.