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Industire 4.0 - Merging mechanics and software

Steam power, assembly lines, electronics - these were the industrial revolutions 1-3. Today, the 4th industrial revolution is already taking place: the networking of all products, processes and plants, the merging of mechanics and software. What innovations and simplifications this new industrial revolution will bring us is not yet completely foreseeable. Consequently, however, there are already a few trends in this direction.

The human body as a battery

Researchers at the University of Colorado have developed an elastic ring that uses thermoelectric generators to convert the body's temperature into electricity. Stretchable polyimine serves as the base. A series of thin thermoelectric chips are glued into it. These are connected to liquid metal wires. The material is self-healing and recyclable. The device can generate one volt of energy per square centimeter of skin area. That's enough voltage to constantly power watches, for example. Modular expansion with additional generator blocks increases the power. In this way, it can serve as a wristband.