Event data-based radio advertising for more relevance

Increase the relevance of your advertising message on classic radio with event data-based targeting.

With a wide range of data options, you can deliver radio campaigns that are more relevant to your target audience. Targeting options are based on event, customer or station data. Event data is, for example, weather, sports or traffic jam information. It is delivered fully automatically and in real time to the event from the data layer to the radio exchange, which is connected to the individual radio stations and handles the playout of the spot that best matches the event data.

In the case of customer data, for example, the campaign can be managed dynamically based on the demand for keywords according to Google Trends. Last but not least, station data such as the music genre or environments such as culture or travel could be used in the future for the appropriate broadcast.

With a national coverage and reach of over 35%, we introduced the innovation for all language regions and offer data-based radio in German-speaking Switzerland as well as in French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino.

Added value

  • Higher impact through relevant placement
  • Storytelling to match the brand
  • Efficient and dynamic spot placement

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