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All gaming formats from a single source. We offer attractive placement options such as contextual in-game, rewarded video as well as video and display placements in the gaming environment. You can find the definitions below.

Contextual In-Game

contextual ingame.png

Rewarded Video

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Gaming environment

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Explanation of terms

Contextual Ingame

Placement of advertising within a video game that blends seamlessly into the game environment (the gaming experience is not interrupted). This results in greater acceptance among players, as the advertising is not disruptive and does not impair the gaming experience (e.g. sticky billboards, banderoles in football).

Rewarded Video Ingame

Form of advertising in which players can voluntarily watch advertising videos in order to receive rewards in the game. These rewards can be in-game currency, extra lives or other in-game benefits. It's a win-win situation where players benefit from additional rewards, while advertisers can reach a targeted audience and increase their engagement.

Outstream in the gaming environment

Form of video placement outside of other online video content, i.e. within the written content of a website. Within our gaming product, these placements are made exclusively on gaming-related websites.

Rectangle in the gaming environment

A display format that works well on both mobile and desktop. The Rectangle Ad is embedded in the text, so it is unlikely that the user will simply scroll over it. Within our gaming product, this placement is exclusively on gaming-related websites.