Media data blue Zoom

You would like to book advertising on blue Zoom? Here you will find all the information you need about the channel. Filter by your desired time slots and get an overview of pricing and ad block aggregation scheme.

Audience structure blue zoom

Who do you want to reach with your advertising message? Here you can see which viewers can be found on blue Zoom.

Age structure
  • 3-14y.
  • 15-29y.
  • 30-39y.
  • 40-49y.
  • 50-59y.
  • 60-69y.
  • P70+
Gender breakdown
  • Men
  • Women
Monthly HH income
  • up to 4'500 CHF
  • 4'500 - 5'999 CHF
  • 6'000 - 8'999 CHF
  • 9'000 - 11'999 CHF
  • 12'000+ CHF
  • Not specified (HH income)

Source: Mediapulse TV Data (Instar Analytics), DS, various target groups incl. guests, blue Zoom D, 2022, Mon-Sun 24h, persons 3+: age structure and gender distribution, ZG share-% (Rt), monthly gross HH income, persons 15-49y.: MA-%, various time slots, all platforms, Overnight +7.

Timelines blue Zoom

Filter by timeline or target group and view the respective audience figures (Rt-T) and market shares of blue Zoom.

Pricing blue Zoom

The following table shows the prices for your advertising on blue Zoom per month.

Ad break aggregation scheme blue zoom

For various stations - including blue Zoom - we offer aggregated ad breaks for booking. The broadcast of the TV spot is automated with cumulated media performance of several ad breaks. You benefit from simplified planning and greater planning security.