ProSieben - We love to entertain you

Likeable, entertaining, modern, exciting, versatile, and innovative – these are the qualities that viewers attribute to "their" ProSieben. No other German-language TV channel is more clearly positioned and successful in social networks. There are good reasons for this: ProSieben has the highest viewer loyalty and resonates with young audiences through its programs and protagonists. The station's promise, "We Love To Entertain You," is unique, successful, and well-known. ProSieben consistently fulfills this promise with huge primetime shows, popular US series, and the best Hollywood blockbusters.

General information

Group of channelsSeven.One Entertainment Group
Average age47
Core target groupPeople 15-39
Pricing target groupPeople 15-49
Proportion of HH running people58%

Core competencies

  • Outstanding blockbusters and US series
  • Entertaining information and docutainment
  • Great prime time shows
  • Swiss own formats


People 15-49

Source: Mediapulse TV Data (Instar Analytics), GS, people 15-49 incl. guests, ProSieben_CH, 2023, Mon-Sun 24h, TG-share-% (Rt), MS-%, Aff (Rt), all platforms,
overnight +7.

FormatRt-TMS-%Aff (Rt)
Germany's Next Topmodel - by Heidi Klum99.12228.2136
Wer stiehlt mir die Show?77.69621.4149
Joko und Klaas gegen ProSieben50.80717.8158
Das Duell um die Welt - Team Joko gegen Team Klaas49.14818.5180
Die Simpsons45.44817.1206
Young Sheldon45.19312.0182
The Voice of Germany45.06116.788
The Masked Singer44.58912.8115
Joko und Klaas gegen ProSieben44.29514.9176
TV total41.96110.3175

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