Goldbach Connected TV spots: Magenta with successful first mover campaign

With Connected TV Video advertising, Magenta Telekom reaches not only viewers of linear TV but also users of streaming services. For the first time, also via RTB.

Magenta was the first mover to successfully run a campaign with Goldbach Connected TV Spots (CTV Spots). The spots were shown in the network on all CTV Spots platforms, thus making optimal use of the reach in the advanced TV area.

With the spots in the Goldbach Video Network, advertisers increase the net reach of their video campaigns in an innovative way and also address - otherwise difficult to reach - users of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, in addition to the viewers of linear TV.

Goldbach Austria's Advanced TV offer, including the newly launched "Connected TV Spot" format are thereby the contemporary answer to the changing moving image consumption on the TV set.

"With its solution, Goldbach can also reach online streaming services viewers in a targeted way exclusively. Connected TV spots are thus more than just a supplement to linear TV campaigns. People who hardly use linear TV, or no longer use it, can thus be easily won back via smart TV. ", describes Wolfgang Pernkopf, Sales Director Digital at Goldbach Audience the new possibility to reach all TV device users via one ad.

"The innovative and targeted approach to our customers through the new Connected TV format enabled us to successfully place our brand with a high reach. ", adds Herbert Schöberl, Senior Vice President Digital Business at Magenta Telekom.

Advanced TV on the rise in terms of reach

With the newly created "Advanced TV" business unit, Goldbach is setting new standards in digital advertising marketing. Smart TV Ads, Connected TV Spots and Addressable TV offers are made easily accessible to advertising customers both on individual advertising media and - for the first time in Austria - as part of a network. The "Connected TV Spots" product allows video spots to be booked across networks on Smart TV devices via apps such as TV Plus, PlutoTV, RakutenTV, etc. This means that advertising customers have the option of booking their ads on individual advertising media or - for the first time in Austria - on addressable TV. Advertisers thus have the opportunity to place their message in an exclusive brand safe environment and play it out directly to the target group of streamers or cord cutters.

The Connected TV market is developing rapidly. More than 88 percent of households in the DACH region had already connected their smart TV to the Internet before Corona, 75 percent of which use the additional smart functions. This was the result of a study conducted on behalf of Goldbach at the end of 2019. A new study is currently being implemented. "The majority of respondents perceive the advertising played out as useful - and there is also growing interest among advertisers. The specific targeting options make the form of advertising on smart TV a logical extension of any moving image strategy. In this way, users of non-linear content on the big screen can also be reached in a targeted manner. ", Pernkopf summarizes the advantages of the new Advanced TV offers.