Goldbach Digital out of Home: Elevator advertising now also bookable programmatically

Advertising on View Elevator's 354 high-quality screens in lifts of multi-party buildings, hotels and office buildings in frequented locations can now also be booked programmatically in the Goldbach digital out-of-home network. The programmatic channel of Austria's highest-reach DOOH network thus continues to grow and now stands at 67.65 million gross contacts in 2 weeks.

In total, the View Elevator network alone has 2.12 million playouts and 5.73 million gross contacts in 2 weeks across Austria, with a focus on eastern Austria. The spots are only displayed if at least one person is actually in the elevator.

Programmatic playout enables real-time campaigns with a new level of efficiency

Programmatic advertising enables detailed reporting over the entire duration of the campaign and thus optimization possibilities in real time. The use of data increases the advertising impact. The measurability allows a detailed insight into the customer journey. Overall, programmatic playout means more efficiency and measurability through more flexibility and knowledge.

"Programmatic advertising is the contemporary form of advertising to enable data-based real-time campaigns with VideoAds. The campaign thus adapts to the real environment, making it the next growth engine in the moving image sector. This digital innovation is driving the performance and appeal of DOOH in many ways: high-yield digital billboards populating classic locations and new urban niches, better audience measurement, and the use of data to optimize cross-media campaigns in real time. We are pleased that the network will be expanded by Aufzugswerbung.at and thus the opportunities in this attractive area for our advertising customers," says Goldbach CEO Josef Almer.

For campaigns at Aufzugswerbung.at, locations can be freely selected or selected by region, and playout is sensor-based. Individual filter options such as daily or running times refine the target group-specific targeting. The spots are delivered in HD quality. Micro-targeting options allow each campaign to be tailored to individual needs.

"Since the start of our marketing collaboration with Goldbach in 2019, our network has grown from 114 to 354 screens. We are happy about the great acceptance of Aufzugswerbung.at - a creative way to address recipients in an optimal, mostly quiet and undisturbed situation, using the strengths of DOOH combined with the flexibility of online advertising. Thanks to the programmatic connection, advertising is now even more efficient for our customers," Johannes Schober, CEO and Founder of the Upper Austrian company VIEW Promotion GmbH, is pleased to say.