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Goldbach takes over programmatic marketing of digital out-of-home screens from monitorwerbung

Screens from monitorwerbung are connected to the programmatic outdoor advertising network of Goldbach Austria

600 Austria-wide screens of monitorwerbung will be exclusively programmatically marketed by Goldbach Austria. Implementation will be gradual, starting immediately with 162 locations. The digital advertising spaces are placed in large areas on busy streets, in places with high pedestrian traffic or in waiting areas with higher dwell times and attention spans of gas stations, supermarkets and hospitals. The eye-catching screens are mainly located in southern and western Austria, such as Salzburg's Getreidegasse, but can also be found in prominent locations in the east, such as Vienna's Prater.

The addition of monitorwerbung's screens to the programmatic DOOH offering means that, in addition to the "Station" channel (locations at train stations), programmatic bookable inventory can now also be offered throughout Austria in the "Roadside" and "City" channels in outdoor advertising. There are also plans to extend the cooperation to programmatically bookable screens in the shopping and hospitality sectors.

With almost 22.5 million gross contacts in 2 weeks, the newly connected locations of the monitorwerbung portfolio significantly expand Austria's largest programmatic DOOH network, which can be booked via the 15 most important DSPs, right from the start. A total of 82.7 million gross contacts can now be reached automatically in 2 weeks via the Goldbach Programmatic Channel and, if required, extended directly with mobile campaigns.

In addition to reach, flexible and targeted addressing is also an important asset.

Advertising customers have access to detailed reporting over the entire duration of the campaign, as well as optimization options in real time.

"For ten years, our customers have appreciated the benefits of digital out-of-home advertising. No wonder, because moving image advertising in frequented locations attracts attention, is target group-oriented, flexible, innovative and cost-efficient. We are pleased that our screens are now also connected to the DOOH network of Goldbach Austria and can thus also be accessed via programmatic booking platforms. The programmatic playout, which will be successively extended to all screens, raises the possibilities of flexible advertising to a new level," says monitorwerbung's Managing Director Josef Maier about the cooperation.

Josef Almer, Managing Director of screen marketer Goldbach Austria: "Programmatic advertising is also the contemporary form of advertising in the outdoor advertising sector to enable data-based real-time campaigns. That is why we are focusing on the rapid Austria-wide expansion of our Programmatic DOOH network. We are very pleased that we were able to win monitorwerbung, one of the most relevant players on the market, as a partner."