Magenta and Goldbach Austria set new standards in soccer advertising with innovative DCO outdoor advertising campaign

Success at the VAMP Award 2024! Magenta Telekom, sponsor of the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) for over a decade, and Goldbach Austria, the leading marketer for screen advertising, have carried out a pioneering digital outdoor advertising campaign for the Austrian international match against Belgium on October 12, 13 and 14, 2023., 13 and 14 October 2023 for a groundbreaking digital outdoor advertising campaign.

This first-mover campaign in DCO (Dynamic Content Optimization) logic marks a new milestone in the use of digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising to reach and engage soccer fans in an innovative way. The campaign recently won the VAMP Award 2024 in the DOOH Data category.

The realization of the complex project was made possible by the close cooperation of several specialists. Magenta and Goldbach Austria were supported by the creative agency KUBRIK, which created the advertising material, by AIM3 in the development and technical implementation of the smartDCO logic and by the German Goldbach Group subsidiary Splicky, which was responsible for the complete programmatic playout of the individual advertising materials.


The ambitious goal of the campaign was to address soccer fans not only in the stadium, but also on their way there, with a dynamic and situational advertising presence. By using DOOH screens at strategically selected, highly frequented locations such as train stations and transportation hubs throughout Austria and the area surrounding the stadium in Vienna, Magenta was able to generate significant attention. The campaign used individual messages and innovative technologies to accompany fans before, during and after the game, with a focus on a personalized and timed approach.

Nina Mack, Head of B2C Brand Communication at Magenta Telekom, on the campaign: "Football unites and Magenta does too. In this new and innovative way, we were able to address more fans than ever before live with relevant messages and current match events on different channels and thus connect an entire nation."

Innovative technology meets passion for soccer

A core element of the campaign was the use of Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO), which made it possible to create and dynamically play out tailored advertising material based on over 60 different triggers. Based on the AIM3 smartDCO technology, fans were provided with a countdown to the start of the match, the current player line-up and important events during the match in real time. The combination of technology and soccer, two areas that Magenta stands for, was thus continued in an innovative way.

Cross-media approaches

The DOOH campaign was complemented by a comprehensive cross-media strategy, including a banner campaign and a fixed placement on heute.at on match day, as well as a Goldbach Mobile Sync campaign, which linked the DOOH messages with mobile advertising media for stream viewers in the vicinity of the match. People passing by a DOOH stele were simultaneously and subsequently targeted with the appropriate mobile advertising material. This integrative approach made it possible to reinforce the campaign messages across different channels and create a comprehensive brand presence.

This campaign was a fantastic opportunity to redefine the boundaries of what is possible with digital-out-of-home advertising. By combining real-time data and creative content, we were able to create a truly dynamic and engaging experience for soccer fans. Our partnership with Magenta has once again shown that technology and passion, when they go hand in hand, can deliver exceptional results.

says Marcus Zinn, Sales Director DOOH at Goldbach Austria.

A total of 571 different creatives were created and played out over the three days. The campaign comprised 1.8 million ad impressions (mobile and desktop) and almost 80,000 DOOH playouts with an impressive 9 million contacts across the main and follow-up campaigns.

The implementation thus impressively illustrated the potential of technological innovation in the field of outdoor advertising and set new standards for future advertising measures in the sports sector.


Client: Magenta / Nina Mack
Agency/marketing: Goldbach Austria / Marcus Zinn
Creative agency: Kubrik / Sabrina Prinz
Programmatic playout: Splicky / Kamil Friebel
DCO concept: AIM3 / Sebastian Gutmann

Many thanks to our partner ÖBB Werbung.