Outdoor advertising professional Philipp Hengl strengthens Goldbach DOOH team

With Philipp Hengl, 39, an experienced out-of-home professional completes the digital-out-of-home team of the screen marketer Goldbach. In his new role as Head of Product & Partner Management DOOH, the sporty MBA and MSc is responsible for expanding the country's widest-reach digital out-of-home network* with more than 8,000 screens across Austria.

With over 14 years of experience in media marketing, including more than 12 years in outdoor advertising, the Viennese brings not only sound know-how but also an excellent network to the table. Not least through his function as an association board member of the Ambient Media, Promotion and DOOH (VAMP) association.

"After now already 12 years in outdoor advertising, my heart beats more than ever for the variety of possibilities to implement and design campaigns in outdoor advertising.We are at a point where we can exploit the full potential of DOOH offered by the programmatic connectivity of our partners and thus make the specific strengths of the medium - real-time, pinpoint accuracy, dynamism - work best. My goal is to further expand the national Goldbach DOOH network in Austria and to bundle the entire clout of this network in one product for our customers," says Hengl, describing his personal challenge in his new role.

*AmbientMeter study 2019: Advertisers reach 62.1% of all Austrians aged 14-69, making the Goldbach DOOH network the widest-reach, nationwide total offering in the field of digital outdoor advertising in Austria.