Revolutionary. kronehit and Goldbach Austria enable audiovisual targeting by combining radio and DOOH

kronehit, Austria's biggest private radio station, and Goldbach Austria, the country's highest-reach digital out-of-home marketer, have jointly developed a product. A combination of radio advertising and digital out-of-home campaign.

Audiovisual advertising during the commute as the key to success? The sophisticated system of the two Austrian companies can reach 370,000 commuters in and around Vienna. In addition to spots on the radio, the advertising message is also presented visually by means of digital screens, along the main traffic routes.

"We are delighted about the cooperation with Goldbach and the development of this combined product. The goal of the first audiovisual campaigns, is to address commuters:inside to and from Vienna and thus generate attractive performance values for our customers," says Martin Holzer, Head of Digital Sales at kronehit.

The clever placement of the campaigns during kronehit Drive Time, in the morning and in the evening, and the visual presentation on 66 screens at 49 locations, in the same time slot, by Goldbach Austria, enables a maximum outcome for advertisers. Thanks to the programmatic playout of the DOOH advertising media via a managed deal by Goldbach, the campaign is automated and can be seen within the exact time slot without any additional effort for advertisers.

The Taiwanese airline EVA Air has already been convinced by the joint combined product and has opted for a campaign for the greater Vienna area.

Jennyfer Christine Wu, Assistant Manager of EVA Air is enthusiastic: "We find this joint venture pilot project very exciting because it is unique in Austria and can achieve a high reach through the synergy effect. The combination of outdoor advertising and radio spots, of visuals and audio, seems to us to be the optimal composition to reach our target groups well and, above all, to be remembered. Apart from that, we are of course pleased with the cost efficiency of the campaign through this bundling of audiovisual synergies."

Image advertising, sales promotion, profit maximization or need arousal are some of the benefits that customers can generate through the cooperation between kronehit and Goldbach Austria.

Christopher Miesbauer, Head of Digital Out-of-Home Sales at Goldbach Austria: "We are very pleased that we, together with kronehit, were able to inspire the customer EVA Air for the first time for the media genre DOOH in our network and that we were able to make optimal use of the advantages of programmatic playout with our combination product. Through time slot and geo-targeting, we can address commuters in the greater Vienna area via the radio and DOOH channels simultaneously. Thus, for the first time, we enable the audiovisual advertising approach of a target group in combination."

More information on this cooperation can be found at kronehit.at and goldbach.com.