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Best practices: 7 tips for better visibility

Learn with our concrete practical tips how you as a publisher can give the ads on your website higher visibility. For a successful and sustainable monetization of your advertising inventory.

1. pay attention to positioning

As a general rule.: Place ads in close proximity to relevant content or in "content rich" areas on your website. Avoid placements in areas without relevant content. Also, consider the waterline (Above and Below the Fold) on your website to optimize viewability.

Grafik Above the fold / Below the fold EN
Above the fold (ATF): ATF refers to content in the directly visible area of a website. Place the most relevant and exciting content on the first page and make it as visible as possible without having to scroll, for example, by using a wider page or shorter, more informative content. This gives users time to absorb and interact with the content as well as the ads in the ATF area. When doing this, make sure that vertical ads are not displayed in a cut-off manner.

Below the fold (BTF): The BTF area is located at the bottom of a website. This only becomes visible as you scroll. Again, make sure that there is exciting content in the top BTF area so that users continue reading and scroll down. This way, the advertisements in the lower part of the page will also be seen.

Our extra tip from the field: place ads with horizontal formats at the bottom of the screen within the ATF area. This way, they are visible for longer while scrolling. Ads placed below the navigation bar generally have a higher viewability than those placed at the very top of the page, as these are usually scrolled away quickly. With this change, for example, the viewable rate on gutekueche.ch could be increased by +16%:

Wideboard Viewability

2. step on the gas with your website

Make sure your website or app loads quickly and reliably, including ad delivery times. Forgo unnecessary tracking scripts and minimize images in favor of fast page speed. Loading speed is also a quality indicator for search engines and thus can influence your website's ranking in search results. Use specific tools like PageSpeed Insights or dareboostto check the speed of your website. 3.

3. create clear conditions

Page design is another factor that affects the visibility of an ad. If you have a cluttered web presence with many different elements, ads will not achieve high visibility. With an appealing, clean and clear page design, you improve user-friendliness and also viewability. Keep in mind: On mobile pages, the proportion of ads to relevant content (excluding navigation and footer) should not exceed 30%. These and other standards for promoting advertising acceptance can be found at the "Coalition for better Ads".

4. rely on Responsive Design

Optimize your website for mobile access. With a Responsive Design, the layout including ad placements is automatically adapted to the screen size of the end device. This is crucial for a good user experience.

5. take it easy for a change

Using lazy loading, ads that are not directly in the visible area of the website are not loaded until they are in the user's visible area. This delayed playout has a positive effect on visibility, especially for ads in the BTF area of the website. You can also activate lazy loading via Goldbach if required. 6.

6. let the advertising media not only stick in the memory

Make ad formats sticky! Sticky ads remain in the visible area even when scrolling at a certain position. This function is particularly suitable for sky placements (to the right of the website content), for half-page ads and skyscrapers, as in the example of 20min.ch:Sticky Ad Viewability

7. again, test regularly.

Review your measures and optimize your visibility on an ongoing basis. We present you in the Goldbach Dashboard your viewability rate by format and device on a daily basis.

Do you have further questions or may we support you in implementing the tips?

Get in touch with us. Manuel Sommer, Senior Partner & ProductManager at Goldbach Audience, is looking forward to hearing from you.