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Advertising in the gaming universe:
Goldbach launches gaming ads

Goldbach Audience is now also tapping into the world of video games. The new advertising solution enables the embedding of video and display ads within video games and in game-related advertising environments.

Küsnacht, June 3, 2024 - The marketer for online advertising inventory Goldbach Audience is now also tapping into the world of video games and expanding its portfolio with an advertising solution specifically for games. This enables advertisers to use video and display ads to reach people in the gaming context, be it the target group of gamers or simply people who like to play on their cell phones.

In-game advertising without game interruption and ads in suitable environments
Gaming ads enable reach of up to 2 million unique clients and 16 million ad impressions per month. Various forms of advertising are available:

  • Contextual in-game advertising: placement of advertising within a video game that blends seamlessly into the game environment without interrupting the game (e.g. billboards, banners, etc.)
  • Rewarded in-game video advertising: gamers watch commercials and receive rewards such as in-game currency, additional lives, benefits, etc.
  • Display and video ads in game-related environments (e.g. esports.ch, spiele.20min.ch).

The in-game advertising is displayed without interfering with the game, which increases acceptance and thus promotes player engagement. Alex Beerli, Director Partner & Product Management at Goldbach Audience, comments: "In-game advertising is more than just an insertion into the gameplay. It is the opportunity to seamlessly integrate a brand and the corresponding brand experience into the gaming environment, which goes far beyond mere visibility."

Swiss national sport of gaming
With the new advertising solution, Goldbach is taking further account of the steadily growing popularity of video games. In 2023, radio intermediary Swiss Radioworld also launched in-game audio advertising. Gaming is no longer a niche: according to Statista, over 65% of the Swiss population play video games, on average six hours a week. 70% of gamers are between 25 and 54 years old (sources: Statista Market Insights, November 2023 / Who is the Swiss Gamer, MYI Entertainment & LINK 2023).

Cooperation with leading providers
For gaming ads, Goldbach Audience cooperates with leading gaming providers such as Gadsme, Activision Blizzard (e.g. Candy Crush) and others. The advertising media are displayed on desktop and mobile and can be booked via the classic booking channel (IO) as well as programmatically.