Goldbach Publishing now markets the entire portfolio of Gruppo Corriere del Ticino

The Gruppo Corriere del Ticino and Goldbach are working more closely together with immediate effect. Since the beginning of the year, Goldbach customers have had the option of booking the print portfolio of the Ticino publishing group in addition to Teleticino and Radio 3i. This includes the daily newspaper Il Corriere del Ticino, the Sunday newspaper Il Caffè della Domenica, the new magazines HUB and CDT Mag, and the well-known Illustrazione Ticinese.

The Corriere del Ticino has been the most important daily newspaper in Ticino for over a century and reaches over 100,000 readers daily with a reach of almost 33%. Il Caffè, the only Sunday newspaper in the southern canton, is also published by Gruppo Corriere del Ticino and is read by 70,000 Ticinese every weekend.

"We are delighted to have gained Gruppo Corriere del Ticino, the most important publishing group in Ticino, as a new marketing client. The Ticino portfolio complements the existing Goldbach Publishing inventory in the best possible way and with the daily newspaper Corriere del Ticino as well as the Sunday newspaper Il Caffè, we will be able to offer high-performance campaigns in all three regions of the country in the future," says Thierry Furrer, Managing Director Goldbach Publishing.

Thanks to this expanded agreement, the Goldbach portfolio is thus becoming more attractive for advertisers in the area of national coverage across all media. "In addition to the two newspapers, we will also market the magazines HUB and Mag, among others, where we see exciting combination opportunities with encore or Das Magazin," says Furrer.

Alessandro Colombi, CEO of Gruppo Corriere del Ticino, is also pleased about the closer cooperation: "Thanks to the efficient cooperation that we have already maintained for several years with Goldbach for Teleticino and Radio 3i, we can now offer our advertising customers a cross-media mix of advertising opportunities in a competitive environment with the inclusion of the nationwide print media sector. With Goldbach, we have found the partner that our Group has been lacking and that we have been looking for since our contract with Publicitas ended in 2017."