Marco Gasser takes over as head of the new Sponsorship/Events unit

Marco Gasser will hand over the management of 20 Minuten Advertising to Marc Challandes, Chief Revenue Officer at 20 Minuten, on an interim basis as of July 1, 2021.

After the first successful partnerships in the event sector, Goldbach wants to intensify the 360-degree marketing of further Swiss events. This project will be driven forward by Marco Gasser at the helm from August 2021.

The planned events include the Swiss Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival in 2022 and existing partnerships such as the one with Pink Ribbon Switzerland. Advertising customers will have access to a 360-degree concept with commercial content around the respective event on the media marketed by Goldbach. Thierry Furrer, Managing Director Goldbach Publishing, comments: "The acquisition of new mandates, such as the Swiss Confederation 2022, exemplifies the need of event organizers for a dedicated competence team such as the newly created Sponsorship/Events unit. Goldbach Publishing will work closely with Marco Gasser with the aim of consistently expanding the portfolio."

With his move to the events sector, Marco Gasser will hand over the management of 20 Minuten Advertising to Marc Challandes, Chief Revenue Officer at 20 Minuten, on an ad interim basis as of July 1, 2021. As soon as the succession is settled, Marc Challandes will return to 20 Minuten.

Marco Gasser has been Managing Director of the 20 Minuten Advertising marketing unit since the reorganization of Goldbach within the TX Group at the beginning of 2020. He has been responsible for selling advertising in the commuter newspaper since 20 Minuten was founded 21 years ago and has built up the sales team. He has been instrumental in the rapid development from a niche product to the most widely read news medium in Switzerland. Marco Gasser is a federally certified marketing manager and holds an MAS in Digital Business/Digital Leadership from the HWZ.

Michi Frank, CEO Goldbach Group: "On behalf of the entire management, I would like to thank Marco Gasser for his valuable commitment since the founding of 20 Minuten Advertising. I look forward to building up the new Sponsorship/Events division with him and making the offering even more attractive for our clients."

Marc Challandes has many years of experience in sales, particularly in the media industry and at 20 Minuten. In 2008, he joined tilllate.com, then 20 Minuten's outbound platform, as an account manager. After a stint at Energy and the digital start-up DailyDeal, Marc Challandes returned to 20 Minuten in 2012 as Key Account Manager and was soon promoted to Head of Mobile & New Business. In 2015, he moved to Tamedia's newly founded Digital Advertising & Services department, where he was responsible for the development of commercial digital advertising formats as Head of Commercial Products. In July 2019, Marc Challandes was appointed to the Executive Board of 20 Minuten as Chief Revenue Officer. He holds a Master of Advanced Studies from HWZ in Digital Business Management.

Marcel Kohler, Managing Director 20 Minuten: "Marco Gasser deserves great thanks for his tireless commitment to 20 Minuten. It is understandable that after 20 years he is taking the opportunity to change and build up the new event department for Goldbach. With Marc Challandes, a proven digital expert is taking over the management of 20 Minuten Advertising ad interim, who will use his know-how to drive forward the digital transformation in marketing with full vigor. "

The management would like to thank Marco Gasser and Marc Challandes for their successful efforts and wishes them much success in their new positions.