"Strategy is Key"

"The podcast that only runs when you run" - this is the claim around which the winning campaign of the Crossmedia Award 2022 revolves. The goal: to playfully promote the sports expertise of client Ochsner Sport in the area of "running" via a wide variety of advertising media and thus increase sales in this focus sport.

Thanks to the cross-media strategy, which successfully linked awareness and performance, the campaign was convincing on all levels:

  • Distribution: app ranking No. 1 within just 24 hours among Swiss fitness and health apps.
  • Involvement: the app "Runtime" created a continuously expandable interaction channel with the target group. Runtime has already accompanied over 10,000 runs, with a brand engagement of 3 hours per app user.
  • Impact: Increase in sales of running shoes by 37% and running articles by 28% during the campaign period.

The agency behind the successful interactive cross-media campaign is thjnk Zurich. We talked to co-founder and partner Andrea Bison.


Ms. Bison, first of all, congratulations to you and your team on the award! "The podcast that only runs when you run" - such a simple claim and yet so effective. How did you and your team come up with this concept?

Ochsner Sport works intensively with Viktor Röthlin and wanted to use him to push their expertise in the focus sport of running. But instead of relying on a typical testimonial campaign, we were looking for a creative idea that would bring our claim "Switzerland is our sports ground" to life and actually empower Ochsner Sport customers to become even better at their sport.

During the campaign period, Ochsner Sport saw a significant increase in sales of running products, and the app moved into first place in the fitness segment. And the jury was also convinced by the fact that a digital product was designed specifically for the campaign, generating a high level of involvement of the target group with the brand. Did you expect your campaign to be so successful?

The core product of our creative work is the app itself. And the campaign was the downstream vehicle to make it known. Of course, it had to reach our users via all relevant touchpoints and analog and digital channels and motivate them to get involved with the app. And because we believed in the app's fascination from the very beginning, we hoped for success and were then very pleased.

What do you think makes the campaign stand out?

The innovation and novelty with which technology and data were translated into exciting gamification and substantial brand engagement.

Countless advertising tools and measures were orchestrated for the campaign, such as banner ads, a wide variety of social media ads, influencer marketing, Spotify ads, radio ads, email marketing, POS measures in the stores or classic print ads in running magazines, to sum it up a bit. What was the biggest challenge in the process?

There wasn't really a big challenge, because in the end the idea is so simple and easy to tell that it can be orchestrated across all advertising media and measures without any problems.

Finally: What are your three ultimate tips for sustainably successful campaigns?

  1. Strategy is key.
  2. Believe in the good ideas and stick with them.
  3. Be courageous - in the team and together with the customer.

Thank you very much for the interview and congratulations again on the award!

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