Swiss Ad Impact advertising impact study: an offer that makes an impact

From now on, advertisers who book a campaign with Goldbach will receive a standardized advertising impact study in addition to their usual media performance reporting. The new offer is called Swiss Ad Impact.

From now on, Goldbach advertisers will receive a standardized advertising impact study for their campaign in addition to the usual media performance reporting. Swiss Ad Impact is the name of the service, which is primarily intended for branding campaigns. The study shows at a glance and across all channels (Goldbach and third-party inventory) how well the campaign has performed in terms of various advertising impact KPIs and with various target groups.

As a first step, Swiss Ad Impact was tested by several clients in a beta phase. This included Toyota AG. Marketing Manager Anita Gerber comments: "The Swiss Ad Impact study is a valuable addition to the usual media performance reports and gives us an in-depth insight into the advertising impact of our campaign - at a glance and across all channels."
The next step is now to make the study available to all customers*: "Our goal is to continue to develop Swiss Ad Impact in the future and establish it as a long-term Swiss solution to supplement media performance reporting," says Sanja Ruggiero, Director Sales Management Goldbach Audience AG.

High data quality through partnership with intervista

Goldbach decided to partner with the Swiss market research institute intervista in order to obtain the most meaningful, high-quality results possible: "With its extensive and high-quality survey panel, as well as its great flexibility and innovative strength, intervista provided us with optimal support in the development of the automated and standardized survey process," says Mitja Ruggle, Head of Market Research at Goldbach and the TX Group.

intervista is also very pleased about this successful collaboration: "It is an exciting challenge for us to develop such a comprehensive, highly automated and standardized campaign measurement system together with Goldbach," says Christoph Wüthrich, founder and member of the management board.

In order to receive the study in addition to the usual media performance reporting, advertisers must fulfill certain requirements. Goldbach explains what these are on the following landing page.