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SAT.1 captivates as a modern family channel with a diverse range of programming and top-notch entertainment. The channel not only resonates with the relevant target audience of 15 to 59-year-olds but also attracts a broad viewership that delights in high-quality television. From emotional factuals and documentaries to cooking shows, gripping series and entertainment programs, SAT.1 offers a varied lineup promising joy, comfort, and unforgettable TV moments for all generations.

General information

Group of channelsSeven.One Entertainment Group
Average age55
Core target groupPeople 15-59
Pricing target groupPeople 15-49
Proportion of HH running people68%

Core competencies

  • Gripping shows and award-winning reality
  • Top crime series and feature films
  • Useful service magazines
  • Swiss in-house productions
  • Factual shows that resonate emotionally and tug at the heartstrings
  • In-house produced German fiction


People 15-49

Source: Mediapulse TV Data (Instar Analytics), GS, people 15-49 incl. guests, SAT.1_CH, 2023, Mon-Sun 24h, TG-share-% (Rt), MS-%, Aff (Rt), all platforms, overnight +7.

FormatRt-TMS-%Aff (Rt)
The Voice Kids66.42116.9105
Top Gun: Maverick53.68213.4106
Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes46.68411.5150
Das grosse Promibacken41.83812.0124
Hochzeit auf den ersten Blick39.75712.193
The Voice of Germany39.03511.570
The Voice Kids38.27810.685
Robin Hood37.5257.7150
Navy CIS35.91410.8149
Das perfekte Geheimnis35.8157.7125

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