Conditions and advertising guidelines for TV

Here you will find the conditions and advertising guidelines for TV.

Campaign support

We support your campaign before, during and after its runtime. We monitor the campaign on an ongoing basis. At the end of the campaign, we send you the postal control (actual performance including any performance compensation).


Performance guarantee
Here you will find our target groups and the scope of their guarantee:
2024 | 2023

Price index
Here you will find the price index:
2024 | 2023

Social discount
The provisions for entitlement to the social discount are listed here.

Corner placement surcharges
The surcharge for first, second, third and third-last, second-last and last placements in the advertising block is 20% of the gross media price.
Corner placements can only be used on paid bookings.

Advertising guidelines

French advertising guidelines
Here you will find the broadcaster-specific guidelines of 6ter, C8, M6, TF1, TFX, TMC and W9 as well as the advertising guidelines for the distribution sector.

Advertising Guidelines of the German and Swiss Private Broadcasters
Here you will find the advertising guidelines of the German and Swiss private broadcasters. 


You can find our general terms and conditions here.