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6th Goldbach Advanced TV DACH Study 2023: Connected TV will be used more and more intensively

For the sixth time, Goldbach conducted its annual DACH study on the use and spread of Connected TV. The analysis showed that Connected TV continues to enjoy a very high level of awareness in all advertising-relevant target groups and the additional functions are used by two-thirds of respondents. Advertising awareness on the medium is also very high.

The evaluation of Goldbach's sixth DACH-wide Advanced TV study confirms the trend of recent years: Connected TV (CTV) enjoys great popularity among all advertising-relevant target groups. 79% of respondents said they were familiar with CTV, 61% use its additional functions such as streaming apps, TV station apps, gaming apps, etc. It is striking that the intensity of use has increased compared to previous years. More than half use CTV's additional functions on a weekly basis (+12%), and a good quarter even use them daily (+4%). It is also noticeable that households with children in particular are among the strongest user groups - in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The length of stay, on the other hand, has not changed much. At just under 2:21 hours, the time spent using the additional functions on CTV is slightly less than the time spent using linear TV (2:47 hours). Only respondents in the 16-29 age group reported spending more time with CTV content than with linear TV content, at 2:36 hours (2:07 hours). At 2.2 people, the average number of people in front of the TV set at the same time is the same as in the previous year.

Connected thanks to smart TV set

As in previous years, most of the respondents (79%) use CTV's additional functions via a smart TV device, followed by game consoles (31%). Among smart TV providers, Samsung is the clear market leader in all three countries. The trend reversal from last year regarding the start screen of the Connected TV is also confirmed: almost half of all respondents start TV use on the user interface of the provider. Also striking: over 60% of respondents link their smartphone or other mobile device to the TV set. Among 16-49 year olds, the figure is even higher at 72%.

Advertising perception and acceptance slightly higher

When asked if they noticed advertising around CTV's additional functions, 46% of respondents answered yes this year. This is 3% more than in the previous year. Exactly half also said they found advertising in this environment perfectly fine. And just over a quarter would accept advertising on paid apps if the content for them was free. Currently, most of those surveyed spend between 20 and 29 euros a month on apps.

"This year's DACH study again confirms the increasing relevance of Advanced TV in media usage. Of course, the results on advertising acceptance and the target groups that can be addressed via internet-enabled TV devices are particularly interesting for us as marketers," comments Wolfgang Pernkopf, Sales Director Online & Advanced TV at Goldbach Austria on the results.

The results of the study can be found on the Goldbach website www.goldbach.com.

To the study:

Goldbach has been conducting the Advanced TV study throughout the DACH region since 2018. This year, 3,500 people (1,500 from Germany, 1,000 each from Austria and Switzerland) aged 16-69 took part in the study. Online, they were asked about "Awareness, type and use of Connected TV," "Ownership of Internet-enabled TVs," "App use on Internet-enabled TVs" and "Perception and assessment of advertising in the area of additional functions on Connected TV." The survey period was January 2023.